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Welcome to Legion of The Alts

Guild Rules and Guidelines:

If you are in violation of any of the following rules or have overstepped the boundaries of any guidelines you will be contacted by a guild leader to discuss the situation.

1. Treat all other players with fairness and respect.

2. Keep negative words and opinions out of guild chat. If you feel the urgent need for negativity, either use a party chat or whisper.

3. Seek parties and groups within the guild first. This will help you level faster especially if you group with a healer or tank.

4. No High Council, Legion Knight, or Legion Defender will accept gifts from guild members of lower ranks. If a guild member offers something and the Council member wishes it, they will pay a fair price to the guild member.

5. We reserve the right to limit how many alts a member can bring into the guild based on their own performance in the guild or to those that require or request excessive time and resources of the guild.

6. Stop to help a stranger in trouble whenever you can. We want our guild to set a good example, and be spoken of kindly.

7. Help your fellow guildies. Either by helping on quests, dungeons or by using your chosen Profession.

8. Do not abuse bank privilege, We encourage everyone to use the Guild Bank, but don't take a level 70 item to keep for later if you are only 50 or take stuff to sell. This will result in rank lowering or being banned from the Guild or bank based on decision of the High Council. (see Bank Rules below)

9. Do not harass or insult other players for their level of experience or skill at this game. It is not productive action to take.

Guild Vault Rules:

1. Take only what you absolutely need. If you need 5 pieces of Silk Cloth for example, don't take the whole stack of 20.

2. No gold withdrawals. Gold in the GV will be put back into the guild as High Council/GM sees fit. Such as purchasing consumables for raids or buying more GV tabs.

3. No alt or initiate access. Use your main to withdrawal items for your alts.

4. If an Varlet needs something from the GV, the varlet must ask someone of Legion Knight or higher.

5. No withdrawing items or mats from the GV for the explicit purpose of selling them to a vendor or in the AH.

6. No hording items, and taking them just because you have withdrawals left. You are allowed to withdrawal for convenience purposes, not because we want you to take as much as you can.

7. Abuse of the GV can and will result in the removal of your privileges by guild rank demotion or in many cases can result in permanent removal from the guild.
Guild Ranks
The following is a basic explanation of guild ranks.

1. Varlet - All new players who are invited to The Golden Legion will start as a Varlet. This rank will remain no more than 30 days. During this time, the High Council will evaluate the member and vote to accept or reject the player's membership.

2. Scribe (Level 10-30) - The Scribe is the first rank of membership into The Golden Legion. All scribes are entitled to guild bank items they can use for their level. Members will remain Scribes until they attain a level of 30 and are approved for advancement by the High Council.

3. Legionairre (Level 30 - 40) - The Legionairres are at the starting point of leadership. Legionairres will set up and assist Scribes in their party requests and manage guild assistance for questing. Legionairres are entitled to guild bank items they can use for their level.

4. Tribune (Level 40 - 50) - Tribunes are the start of mid-level leaders. Tribunes will guide the Legionairres in setting up and assisting lower ranking members for parties. Tribunes are entitled to guild bank items they can use for their leve.

5. Centurian (Level 50 - 60) - Centurians are the upper mid-level leaders. Centurians will handle problems and issues from all lower level members and, if required, bring it to the attention of the Triarii. Centurians are responsible for setting up and assisting in assembling requested parties for mid level instances. Centurians are allowed to view officer notes as well as invite members into the guild. Centurians are entitled to guild bank items they can use for their level.

6. Triarii (Level 60 - 70) - Triarii are the operational leaders of the guild. Triarii will plan and execute all mid to high level instance runs that may be requested. The Triarii will handle any problems or issues brought to them and, if the problem is at guild level, they will bring the issue to the High Council. Triarii are authorized to view officer notes, invite member, demote members for infractions, and, in emergency situations, remove a member from the guild. Remember that Triarii are the trusted operational leaders of the guild.

7. Legion Defender (Level 70) Legion Defenders are the highest warriors of the guild. They will defend the Legion against enemies from the Dark Portal and assist with the Keepers of Time. Legion Defenders will set up and lead runs through various

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